Text Book Prodi Informatika Semester 4


FTK202 Effectual Enterpreneurship

Pasaribu, B. [2012] SIC Student Handbook – Resources Compilation and Instructions, FTIK Bakrie University, Jakarta.
Read, S., Sarasvathy, S.D., Drew, N., Wiltbank R., Ohlsson, A-V.(2011) Effectual Entrepreneurship, Routledge, New York.
Sarasvathy, S.D. (2008) Effectuation: Elements of Entrepreneurial Expertise, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Massachusetts.


 FTK205 LAN and Wireless

CCNA Exploration Module 3, “LAN Switching and Wireless”, http://tif.bakrie.ac.id/?content=cnap


TIF204 Sistem Basis Data Lanjut / Advanced Database Systems1)

Thomas Connoly, Carolyn Begg. 2005. Database System - A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management.14th.ed. Pearson Education

TIF208 Proses Sinyal Dijital / Digital Signal Processing 

Stein, Jonathan.2000. Digital Signal Processing A Computer Science Perspective. John Wiley & Sons


TIF209 Arsitektur dan Organisasi Komputer / Computer Architecture and Organization

Stallings, William. 2019. Computer organization and architecture. 11th.ed. Pearson Education 


FTK206 Pemrograman Berorientasi Objek / Object Oriented Programming1)

Gaddis,Tony. 2015. Starting Out with Java Early Object. 5th.ed. Pearson
Wu, C. Thomas. 2010. An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java, 5th.Ed. Mc Graw Hill.



TIF210 Informatika Sosial / Social Informatics