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Sep 2020

Sekaran, Uma, Bougie, Roger. (2020). Research Methods For Business : A Skill Building Approach (8th ed. (Asia Edition)). Hoboken: Wiley.

ISBN : 9781119683537

Call Number : 650.072 BOU r

Book Description:

Research Methods For Business, 8th Edition explains the principles and practices of using a systematic, organized method for solving problematic issues in business organizations. Designed to help students view research from the perspective of management, this popular textbook guides students through the entire business research process. Organized into six main themes—Introduction, Defining the Management and the Research Problem, Theory, Collecting Information, Drawing Conclusions, and Writing and Presenting the Research Report—the text enables students to develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully create, conduct, and analyze a research project.

Now in its eighth edition, this popular textbook has been thoroughly updated to incorporate substantial new and expanded content, and reflect current research methods and practices. The text uses a unique blended learning approach, allowing instructors the flexibility to custom-tailor their courses to fit their specific needs. This innovative approach combines the face-to-face classroom methods of the instructor with internet-based activities that enable students to study what they want, when they want, at their own pace.


Sep 2020

Jeter, Debra C., Chaney, Paul K. (2012). Advanced accounting (5th ed.). New Jersey: Wiley. 

ISBN 13: 9781118022290


Book Description:

Building upon previous editions of Advanced Accounting, author Debra C. Jeter continues to deliver a balanced and detailed approach to the conceptual and technical aspects of advanced accounting. This new and enhanced edition features more in-depth information about international accounting, the upcoming globalization of accounting standards, changes with FASB's, and the latest developments and differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS. As always, the text also includes comprehensive coverage of all three methods of consolidated financial reporting (cost, partial equity, complete equity).


Feb 2016

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

by P Aarne Vesilind, Susan M Morgan, Lauren G Heine


This text presents a balanced treatment of environmental engineering by combining engineering concepts with the importance of environmental ethics. This third edition highlights sustainable development and emphasizes the need for engineers to become even more environmentally responsible during this time of increasing awareness of environmental concerns. The authors challenge students with problems that require not only a technical solution but a thorough consideration of its ethical ramifications. The text also provides comprehensive exposure to all types of environmental problems, including ecosystem dynamics, wastewater treatment, and air pollution control


Creative Strategy in Advertising

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Jan 2016

Creative Strategy in Advertising


A.Jerome Jewler, Bonnie Drewniany


ISBN 10: 1285080270 / 1-285-08027-0
ISBN 13: 9781285080277
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc
CREATIVE STRATEGY IN ADVERTISING, 11E, International Edition provides everything you need to be successful as an advertising professional in today's fast-changing media environment. Focusing on the idea that good advertising always starts with an understanding of people and an awareness of their needs, the text advances through the creative process step by step. It focuses first on the creative person, and then on strategy and problem solving. Complementing expert instruction with extensive examples of layouts and ad copy, this book gives you all the necessary tools to create winning advertising strategies


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